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Was already made by Eaton’s in Canada in 1998: more annoying than comical, although the makers thought they were doing a good job, tagline ‘ Diversity Eaton’s. Whatever ‘. A white straight boy as an example for diversity? No. Strange was also the Singapore Phone Number clip from the Irish Bord na Móna, ‘ Coming Out For Christmas ‘. That was about peat blocks for the fireplace. Do you understand? Conclusion There is plenty Singapore Phone Number to laugh about with (and about) those heaumeaux, also in the advertising world. But there is a risk that, to put it simply, it will go down the wrong way. Test, test, do a focus group, but keep a close eye on your general moral compass, so you can’t go wrong.

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We still focus too much on people who already have access to the tech. If you want to give everyone equal opportunities, do it. There is enormous potential in Singapore Phone Number this market to increase your reach and thereby increase your sales. New routines in a digital first world As exciting as all new tech developments are, in Singapore Phone Number a digital first world we have to somehow stay in balance. “Digital is rewiring your brain and body,” said Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. We Singapore Phone Number get 200 notifications a day and it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back into your flow after such a distraction. As a result, we live less and less in the now and are constantly multitasking.

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We as humans are not made for that. Every time that you shift, Singapore Phone Number you shift your attention, from one thing to another, the brain has to engage a neurochemical switch, that uses up nutrients in the brain to accomplish that. We can’t control the distractions Singapore Phone Number thrown at us, but we can control how we deal with them. In a digital first world you have to develop new routines that ensure that you stay in balance. “Don’t let society or algorithms strip away your imagination, individuality Singapore Phone Number or potential”, Solis concludes his keynote. Also read: Gartner predicts: 3 tech trends to watch in the coming years Being lucky as a skill In fact, we also just need a bit of luck to survive as ordinary people in a world where tech developments go faster than I can eat a bag of chips.

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