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Smaller organizations are also making more and more budget, time and space available to exercise together. A good example of this is the approach of TKC digital. In a conversation with entrepreneur and director Tinky Bart she says: “About 40 young and sporty people work at TKC digital. They need exercise! Sitting still all day does not make anyone happy and right now that is a pitfall. That is why, from 2022, everyone who comes to the office can combine a day’s work with sports. We have transformed a large space in our office into a gym with fitness equipment and a power station. This helps us all to stay vital, it strengthens the mutual bond and it makes us super happy.” According to Hidde de Vries, writer and publicist on work and vitality, this movement is logical and healthy.

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He writes: “In many organizations there is still a discussion about whether or not to work hybrid. But that’s the wrong discussion to have, we can’t go back already.” (…) “Let colleagues think for themselves how best to organize their working day, take into account childcare, picking up a package and sports. Grab the chance to reinvent yourself now, those who will do this best will be the ultimate winners.” Put vitality of your employees on the agenda I know. As a manager or entrepreneur your Ghana Phone Number were already busy. Still, supporting the vitality of your employees should be part of your duties. Corona, and the accelerated transition to a hybrid work environment, has especially reinforced necessity and urgency. Becoming more vital together not only makes work more fun, it is also a good business case. I am very curious about all your initiatives and experiences.


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What opportunities and pitfalls do you see to support the vitality of teams? You can share in the comments below.Marketing increasingly has to do with working with tools. Tools that make our work as marketer easier, more efficient, more analytical or sometimes even more complex. Nowadays, suitable software can be found for almost every part of marketing. For social media management, commerce, data, management, content or advertising. The range of tools has grown exponentially in recent years. For example, in Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape there were still 947 tools in 2014, in 2020* this overview already included more than 8,000 tools. Choosing the right tools for your organization is therefore one of the important tasks and skills of the T-shaped marketer .

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