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Here we show you what these new Twitter features are: 1. New image. more elegance New Twitter Features Image via: @design The appearance of the platform was renewed with the intention of making it more attractive to users. Among its new features is a side menu that makes navigation easier. reducing the number of tabs that used to appear at the top of the application. Likewise. the profile image is now round. which makes it possible to determine. in a conversation. with much more clarity. who has said what. On the other hand. the typography is more homogeneous and pleasing to the eyes.

thinner and smaller. characteristics that are appreciated for their delicacy and that contribute to a more attentive reading. These improvements in the design have been thanks to the multiple Peru whatsapp number list suggestions of its own users. according to what the directors of the company have declared. 2. New design! New icons! Image via: @TwitterSupport Although users were still getting used to the “Like” button. which brings it dangerously close to Facebook. the new button design is more intuitive. The “Reply” button. which was represented by an arrow. has been modified by a speech bubble.

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as well as the Retweets and DM buttons are more stylized. It is also interesting that the user can respond to their own content. adding a line of thought to previous posts. Twitter also promotes the possibility of “marking” a tweet —to pin a tweet—. an option that allows you to highlight a tweet that is considered important and always have it at hand. making searching for a thought reflected in the app much more pleasant . 3. The appeal of surveys Image via: @Zopotocentes Although Twitter polls were already within its features.

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with the new design you can have up to four options in the answers and make them even more attractive. Through this tool you can see the results instantly. program the duration of the survey and see the winning option in bold. which makes it easier to study the results. Likewise. the surveys further promote interaction between users and between users and the platform. generating parallel conversations that serve as feedback for the pollster and for different market studies. 4. Users more focused on the platform Image via.

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@TwitterLatAm Among these new features is the ease of opening content. Within the application itself. Thanks to a Safari viewer you can view links. Videos within the app. that is. you can play live content. In the case of videos. For examp without leaving the platform. For Twitter there is a need to modify its characteristics to become. A new model for making television. A platform that transmits live video. Whose content is original and also created through its own users. 5.

Security improvements Among. Twitter’s new features is its policy against abuse. now the user has control over their experience on the platform. Filtering their notifications and silencing. Phrases or keywords that they consider offensive. Likewise. they have limited the functionality in accounts that present inappropriate behavior. Indicating why and suspending them completely if they do not present improvements. Due to the number of harassing accounts and bots. Twitter has been in charge of improving.

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