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We thought about sales. But then one of our interns asked us a question that stuck with us.She said: “You spend so much time trying to get people to talk to you. Why don’t people come to you all? » We sat there, amazed. It was crazy because we were a marketing agency here, not using marketing to grow our own business.So we chose the marketing route.And 5 years later, we’ve become one of America’s fastest growing companies twice, and Banner Design have received many other awards for our growth, such as the Atlanta Pacesetters Award and our participation in the Profit Show of CNBC.So what’s our point here? Marketing and sales can help your business grow. But you need to understand the key differences between them in order to adopt an approach that will help your business grow.

That Said, as You Read on Banner Design

That said, as you read on, we’ll continue to dig into these differences. Let’s start by defining the basic difference between marketing and sales. What is the difference between marketing and sales? First of all, marketing and sales are NOT the same thing. Marketing is Banner Design you do to bring people into your sales funnel or pipeline.Sales are what CLOSE people into your sales funnel or pipeline.Therefore, to be successful in sales, you need to have a sales pipeline.If you don’t, your marketing can fill your sales pipeline. Or, if you have the right talent, they can build their own pipeline through relationship building or other outbound efforts.

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To Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Banner Design

To fill your sales pipeline with marketing, you need to focus on your branding, positioning, pricing, and advertising mix. For example, you can choose to focus your marketing efforts on building a strong Google and social media presence, or on building your email list.

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