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delete to facilitate their work. No one will be interested in spending a lot of time doing you a favour. Do not threaten webmasters at any cost that their website will suffer negative SEO impacts if the link is not removed. Send friendly reminder emails until your job is done. If you received a warning from Google, you can optionally attach it to the email. Do not pay for such link removals. If you insist on paying, you have an alternative option to disavow on your side. By using some outreach tools like Ninja Outreach, your job will be made easier. If your email was written so politely with enough information, the webmaster will find it easy to accept your request and remove the link instantly. Sample Link Removal Request Email Here is a sample

email I received requesting link removal

With the clear information provided, it took no more than a minute to remove the relevant link. Subject: Link Removal Request Hi, This email asks you to Risk Managers Email List remove our specific link on your website. We are facing performance issues in search engines. Therefore, we performed a backlink audit and decided to clean up our link profile. Also, this particular link is flagged by Google as “unnatural”. Therefore, we are looking for quick action from your webmasters on this. Backlink details are provided below – Host website URL where your link is placed: Anchor text: I request you to intimate it, once

removed. For this, I can alert Google

Risk Managers Email List

about the status of the link to avoid further penalties. Thanks for your help. Keep following until it’s done. In case you didn’t get a response from the webmaster, disavow the link. Let’s see how to disavow links that are not deleted. How to disavow bad backlinks? After sending the link removal request and wait for a week. Give webmasters free time to respond to your request. Send regular follow-up emails. If you get no response, it’s time to disavow the backlinks you can’t remove.

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