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You can face yourself better.” Photo Credit Avian Ai Weien also emphasized that the protagonist and the supporting cast are not opposites. Yu Qing, A Jun, and Yong Hao, using the images of fire, water, and earth respectively, provide different perspectives beside Yuanyuan, so as to understand themselves better. Yu Qing, who is a loner but is passionate about teaching. Is Yuan Yuan’s longing, but Yuan Yuan’s heart is already exhausted. Facing the constant encouragement and supervision of. Yu Qing, too close is easy to burn. In addition. A Jun, who has a gentle attitude but always has Yuany uan to consider the reality, is a bucket of water that helps Yuany uan to think calmly, and keeps people awake in the busyness at the right time as for Yong.


Who is willing to share his thoughts

With Yuan yuan, he nourishes Yuan yuan In round soil, if leaves fall into the soil and rot, they can still become nutrients. Treat students sincerely and provide positive stimulation In the story, in the face of Yul ian, who is well-behaved and quiet but dare not speak out, Yuan yuan Kenya Phone Number List slowly waits for the growth of her students in a step-by-step mode. “I like teachers who can bring me joy in learning.” Asked about his preferences for teachers, Ai Wei En said that he did not need to be particularly gentle, obedient or give gifts, but to bring positive stimulation to students. When recalling the history and geography classes in the middle school, she showed a nostalgic expression: “They attach great importance to and love the subjects they are responsible for.


Not only do they follow the script,

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They can feel the enthusiasm of the teachers. In addition, the principles are consistent, and even if the standard is high, they can provide Enough assistance for students.” Ai Weien, who had passed by the education field, talked about the experience of taking a class assistant. At that time, he noticed that the teaching scene was “jumping with chickens and dogs”. Students may suddenly take off their pants and want to go to the toilet, or quarrel and fight with their peers, although it is difficult. The precise implementation of teaching strategies and methods made her discover that sometimes it is your attitude towards children that affects children. Ai Weien explained that maybe students will forget the content of the class, but they can feel whether the teacher genuinely cares about them.

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