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Time saving Take advantage of the new Twitter format Perhaps. on more than one occasion you have wanted to send a tweet. but it exceeded 140 characters. And since that has happened to many. Twitter posts are full of abbreviations. numbers replacing words. “pa” instead of “para”. “q” instead of “que”. and a series of symbols that allow shortening the messages. However. this abbreviated language is not attractive or convenient to use in a brand profile. because it could denote a lack of seriousness or thoroughness. especially when there is a disproportionate edition and the post becomes confusing. And it is that the power of synthesis is tested daily on social networks. but especially on Twitter.

And for the same reason. when the original tweet does not match the length limit. you start spending extra time to edit the message or change it; which should decrease with this new less restrictive feature. 2. Increased social engagement As they say on the Twitter blog. during the experiment they saw that those who had more space to Japan whatsapp number list tweet got more likes. mentions and retweets . In addition. they were mostly satisfied with the way they expressed themselves on the social network and with the possibility of finding good content. However. since novelty tends to get more attention. this effect may only last initially and wear off over time. But if brands are astute and take advantage of the space strategically. they will certainly manage to increase the engagement of their followers.

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Hence. the importance of prioritizing the quality of the message. 3. Improved online reputation Social networks present a host of opinions. claims. congratulations. suggestions and doubts. directed directly to brand accounts. And now they will have more space to deliver more detailed and satisfactory answers. Logically. with the original limit it is also possible to accomplish this task. but there are messages that may require longer responses to fully satisfy the customer. and this is a good opportunity to do so. 4. Increased clarity As we saw in the first advantage; the existing language on Twitter.

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With symbols. numbers and half words. can give way to a message that is confusing. inappropriate and even annoying for recipients. But the new extension will allow ideas to be easier to share. through refined and grammatically correct writing. Although. if you can express something coherent and easily digestible. in less than 140 characters. do it. Do not seek to reach the new limit by adding content that detracts from what you want to communicate. Now.

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let’s understand that not all the changes that are announced as positive in social networks are completely beneficial for a brand. And this increase in characters is no exception either. Let’s think that Twitter was created as a microblogging platform . where the brevity of the message would be its great hallmark. Therefore. the 280 can be a double-edged sword if you do not know how to use and take advantage of it. If we have seen true spelling and semantic disasters in less than 100 characters.

We can see something worse with double 140. So the important thing is not to focus on writing more. but better. The quality of the message is essential. In short. now more than ever. Those who handle institutional profiles must be creative. Responsible and bear almost infinite patience. So as not to overreact to claims or disqualifications. Do not forget that the social image of a brand can also be a decisive factor in a customer’s purchase intention and in the loyalty process.


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