How to Use All-in-one Wp Migration in WordPress

It seems inevitable. Eventually comes the time when you need to migrate your WordPress site to a new host. Maybe you are outgrowing your old host or their service is deteriorating. There are many reasons why we want or need to take the step and find a new host that can accommodate your site as it grows. But moving any site, even a WordPress site, can be a complicated process. I will show you how to make it easier with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. First, some website migration basics Certain things apply to every website move, not just a WordPress migration. First, though, if you’re switching to GreenGeeks, you can skip this whole article because we’ll migrate your website for you. For free. If you’ve ever migrated websites yourself, you know this is a valuable service.

First, Some Website Migration Basics

Our migration team has seen it all, so I can confidently say they can handle your move and save you a mountain of stress and hassle. Okay, that being said, when migrating a website, here are some key things to keep in mind. If you’ve gone this route, this is probably old news and you can skip to the next section on installing the plugin. But if you’re new to site migration, read on. Keep the site at your old host while you plan and execute the move. You want Benin WhatsApp Number to avoid website downtime, or at least keep it to a minimum, so it’s important to keep the site active on the old host until you’re sure everything is up and running on the new host. Databases require special attention.

Installing the All-in-one Wp Migration Plugin

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With a database-based platform like WordPress, you still want the site to remain operational on the old host during the migration. However, you don’t want any updates to be made to the old site location during this time, as they would be lost when the old site is closed. Before migration, pause updating (or creating) posts and pages and disable comments. You can make updates and re-enable comments in the new location during the migration. Is your domain name registered through your old host? If so, you might want to move it to the new host or a domain registrar. Don’t entrust your domain to a company you don’t trust to host your website.

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