How to Configure WordPress Caching With Litespeed ​​cache

Caching pages and images are among the most beneficial things you can do for your WordPress website. When done right (and when your server is running LSCache), your website responds much faster. This gives your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts a boost, which can lead to higher search results rankings. Not to mention that a more responsive site can increase sales conversions if you have an online store. LiteSpeed ​​Cache is one of the best and most comprehensive WordPress caching plugins available, and we are going to talk about it in this tutorial. After going over installing the plugin, we’ll talk about some of the technical details.

After Going Over Installing the Plugin

Like how cached web pages are served and the different types of caching. But before we get into all that, let’s talk a bit about caching. What is caching? When we talk about the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin, we are mainly talking about page caches. A cached page is a copy or version of a page. But why is it beneficial for visitors to create copy of a page? When a browser requests a WordPress website page, the server performs several functions to assemble the page. Complex pages like those on e-commerce sites can require dozens of steps to display a page. Most functions occur in milliseconds. But when you start adding them up, it might Nigeria Phone Number List take a while. Which, in turn, increases the time it takes to load a page. A caching plugin will make a copy of this completed page, consisting of all these parts.

A Caching Plugin Will Make a Copy of This Completed Page

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Then it displays this copy when the page is requested (for a predefined period). This way, if three visitors request the same page in a minute or two, the page only needs to be “built” once. The second and third visitors see the pre-built copy, which loads much faster because there is no build time. So, caching gives your site the ability to respond faster, giving it an overall SEO boost. And perhaps most importantly, improving the visitor experience. LiteSpeed ​​Cache, or LSCache, is an all-in-one caching plugin for WordPress. It has a server-level cache and a huge collection of optimization features. LiteSpeed ​​Cache supports multi-site WordPress installations and is compatible with popular plugins including Yoast SEO and WooCommerce.

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