The Word Also Sharpens the Brain

This works like an economy. In exchange for the time and energy they put into it, sometimes also accompanied by capital (such as an NFT), the DAO rewards them with the token of the game played. The most famous P2E game is now played daily by almost 2 million players. More than half of these players are from the Philippines. According to research , they thus earn more than a nominal salary. Learn to Earn (L2E) But don’t just play to earn, ‘learn-to-earn’ (L2E) is also starting to emerge. In this new educational model, the DAO rewards an individual when they can demonstrate that they have learned something. This, of course, if he can demonstrate that it adds value to the DAO and the members of the DAO also see the value of this. A good example of this is RabbitHole , which provides gamification within a DAO. Users learn a new skill and get tokens for it, and crypto companies get trained users as a result.

Word Also Sharpens the Brain

But we’re not there yet It’s really cool to see the rapid developments unfold within the DAO landscape. We’re really moving from the community-led organizations, like Etsy and Github, to community-owned organizations. Starting a DAO yourself is nowadays very easy via a platform such as Aragon or Colony . But with the Peru Phone Number speed at which everything happens, several things also go wrong.  We are working hard on solutions to prevent hacks and to minimize the damage of a possible hack, but there is no watertight solution yet. I can also hear The Hague sighing again in the field of regulations.


Also Sharpens the Brain

Thirteen years after its inception, next year there will finally be legislation and regulations (MiCA) surrounding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But we have already seen so many new developments within blockchain technology, such as DeFi , NFTs , and now DAOs. It’s great that anyone worldwide can participate in a DAO, but what about contractually and fiscally, for example? What if things go wrong, like a hack? Is the system liable or a natural person? They are big challenges. Through damage and shame, more and more DAOs are becoming wise, also, for example, in the area of ​​joint decisions. That can take a while if you have a few hundred thousand members. The first major steps have been taken, the first successful DAOs are a fact. Now that it is becoming easier and safer to set up a DAO, I am very curious about the developments in this area in the coming year.

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