How to Customize WooCommerce Order Emails

Suppose, after several days of hard work, you successfully set up your store on a specialized WooCommerce web hosting platform. The product page is now connect to a database that is working perfectly and there are no problems with the checkout process. Every element, including product pages, galleries, and reviews, reflects your brand colors and style. Then you decide to test your product ordering process and suddenly find that the order email is either rather bland or too generic from a user perspective. Now you must be wondering what was all your hard work customizing your WooCommerce store for. WooCommerce includes several order statuses that may not match your store feeds, but you can always mark orders with a custom status such as Pending Payment, Processing, Pending, Failed, etc.

Woocommerce Emails Add Actions Hook

Many WooCommerce store owners and admins have this common query: How can I change the default WooCommerce request messages to look like my brand and how can I add additional content to help customers with their order as well than how to create custom WooCommerce order status. While creating awesome HTML emails is really a feat in itself, WooCommerce has several options for even amateurs to create amazing emails. You may have noticed that WooCommerce identified that a bright base color was used. To compensate, he Germany Phone Number List used an appropriate tint for the title. Unfortunately, this logic was not applied to the footer content.

Custom Woocommerce Email by Product

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This incident can easily be repaire manually! The final and most effective approach to personalizing emails is to work with WooCommerce custom code. This obviously requires a high level of expertise in PHP. The good news is that the process is simple as the original WooCommerce layouts are still use. The process involves modifying parts of the content. Setting up a WooCommerce store is quite simple, but customizing the default email templates sometimes gets tricky. In this tutorial, I explained how you can send fully customized. WooCommerce hosted store emails to fit all aspects of store business. I also highlighted how the default email templates modify to insert store and order-specific information into the emails to provide a better user experience.

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