Woocommerce Issues and Their Fixes

W ooCommerce is definitely the best e-commerce and shopping cart program. It is simple to install a WooCommerce plugin and create your store. But despite the fact that it is very easy to get your retail store online, you might end up with some errors. We list some of the most common errors and their fixes. WooCommerce-Common-Errors-and-Their-Fixes Due to the larger database of eCommerce stores, you may experience a performance issue. There are several server-side caching technologies that can boost your store. We strongly recommend using an optimized WooCommerce hosting like Cloudways that has advanced caching technologies like NGINX, Varnish, and Memcached. This usually happens when you have a table prefix that is too long (more than 64 characters).

Order Completed Email Does Not Contain Download Links

An SQL table named ” wp_woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions” is not being created automatically due to exceeded table name limit in your database. To fix : There’s only one way to handle this, you have to shorten your table prefix. You can do it manually by following these steps, you need to change all table names one by one. You can use a “DB Prefix Change” WordPress plugin to change the table prefix. For products, we recommend that you always upload an image of at least 800 x 800, and even larger will be more preferable. This Algeria Phone Number List article does not cover every conceivable case. You might encounter other errors, feel free to ask about your specific issue using the comments section below.

Conflicting Session on Multiple Sites on the Same Domain

Algeria Phone Number List
Algeria Phone Number List

I would like to help you The WooCommerce System Status page provides information about versions, template overrides, and memory. Go to ” WooCommerce > System Status ” for the error report. You are now done with common WooCommerce errors and their fixes. Are you having difficulties? Feel free to post any query using the comments section below. Start your free trial of WooCommerce managed hosting platform today to build your online store with just one click WooCommerce installation. Also, keep an eye on this blog as I will be adding more resources for WooCommerce in the coming weeks. Likewise, you can start working with your WooCommerce installation and let me know what other features you want to unlock there.

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