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Series and even soap operas? They present narratives and often hold our attention until the last minute. To create a narrative in your humanized content. You can talk about the challenges of your business. Present a story of overcoming a customer or how your brand changed someone’s life. In fact. Many famous brands use storytelling to generate content. Some examples are dove. Coca-cola. Natura. Itaú and even heineken. The storytelling of these organizations is present both in commercials. Billboards. Magazine pages and social networks. That is. Any niche can use this technique to get closer to customers. 3. Share your brand values in general. When created. Brands establish values. Cultures and visions. Years ago. These factors were not used as a strategy to approach the public.

However. Today the consumer wants to see brands positioning themselves in front of social causes. In this context. When a business expresses its values. It becomes more human. Sharing what your brand believes allows the public to connect and believe more in the products and services offered. So. How about sharing your pillars via brand manual . Videos on social networks and other institutional content? 4. Use your audience’s language for many years. Language has been one of the essential factors in human relationships. This includes expressions. Gestures. Tone of voice and more. Therefore. Determining the type of language used is very important to humanize any organization.

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Understand: humanized content talks directly to the audience. Using a language closer to that audience. To do this. Think about what kind of language Hungary phone number your persona would feel comfortable engaging in. Netflix. For example. Uses totally informal language through memes and jokes. However. If your business is a funeral home. For example. It is best to develop more formal and calm communication as you are dealing with family members going through grief. 5. Don’t just talk about the brand and its products when opting for content marketing. You need to focus on relevant content and materials that can help the persona solve their problems — and not just on products and promotions offered by you.

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People don’t just want to know about your products. They also want to be part of your world. So. Bet on top and middle funnel content too. As they educate and arouse interest hitherto unknown by your persona. A good tip is to use the 80/20 principle: 20% of your blog posts and social media posts will be about your brand. Your products and promotions and the other 80% of the content will be about tips. Research and explanations of your business concepts. Segment. Did you see how humanizing content is not complex? In addition to strengthening the relationship with your audience. You can attract more people. Improve your brand reputation and boost sales. To take advantage of these advantages.

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It is best to have a humanized brand as well. You know how? Read our post on the subject and stay on top of everything! Interactive content: what it is and how to use it in your business want to engage your audience. But don’t know what to do? Find out how to use interactive content in your business. 05/27/2022 by hotmart reading time 8 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp image of a person transmitting from a smartphone. And beside it. Various contents. Within them an interactive content. The popularization of the web puts digital marketing on alert all the time. Challenging businesses to always be aware of the most dynamic ways to reach and communicate with the public. And in this sense.

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