How to Clear Dns Cache on Windows, Mac, and Chrome

Has anyone ever said to you, “Hey, you really need to clear your DNS cache”? It’s not an insult. But that’s not a common topic either, so don’t worry if you’ve never done it. We’ll go over the steps needed to flush your DNS cache in this tutorial. It’s a lot easier than it looks. You probably know that the Internet’s DNS system maps domain names to server IP addresses. If you ping or traceroute a domain name, you get the IP address of the server where the website resides. But did you know that DNS lookup doesn’t happen every time you visit a website? First, your computer or device searches its own local cache to see if you’ve visited the site before. If so, there is no need to ask the DNS system which IP address belongs to the domain you are going to visit.

How to Clear Dns Cache on Mac Computer

But what happens when your favorite site moves to a new server or a new IP address? You might be stuck viewing an older version of the website. Or not seeing the site at all, just an error. The same can happen when you make certain updates to your own site, like adding a security certificate. So how do you force your computer to ask DNS where the site is rather than relying on local cache information? Clear your DNS cache. Let’s see how this is done. How to Clear DNS Cache on Windows Computer To flush DNS on a Windows 10 computer, open Albania WhatsApp Number a command prompt. To do this, click on the Windows Start icon and type “cmd”. Click “Open” or “Run as administrator”.

How to Clear Dns Cache on Windows Computer

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You do not need administrator privileges to clear the DNS cache. Either option will work. open command prompt Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press the Enter key. Your next query for a website will consult DNS for the most recent record because there are no records in your local cache. Note that we use the terms “wipe” and “wipe” interchangeably, and while these instructions are specifically for Windows 10, the process is the same for all recent versions of Windows. How to Clear DNS Cache on Mac Computer It’s a bit more complicated to flush the DNS cache on a Mac. Open the Terminal program (go to “Applications” then “Utilities” or press Command + Space to launch Spotlight, then search for “”).

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