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Build planning and content To be successful in social media. It is essential to offer quality content linked to editorial development strategies.  What type of content you want to spread. How often. what will be the tone and writing style. Who is going to generate said content and how. It is going to be promoted. With the study of your target. you will be able to solve most of the mentioned items. Keep in mind that the publication calendar is. The tool that will allow you to organize the days and times in which you are going to share content.

Take care of naturalness and spontaneity since. The automation of the process tends to harden the language. #5 Analyze performance Indonesia whatsapp number list After you have made your strategy. you must analyze the results. Let’s remember that algorithms and social networks are constantly changing. so your plan and your goals will have to be reinvented frequently. Evaluate the goals that you set in the first point and see if they were met or not. There are multiple tools that will allow you to do a complete analysis of your Social Media strategy. including: Google Analytics . Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics .

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You can also follow up with other tools. Such as virtual surveys. or if possible. Have personal meetings with your audience to ask. Them how they observe the activity on social media and how. Interesting the information shared seems to them. By following these steps. You will avoid falling into an online reputation crisis. A difficult situation to remedy. Remember that new challenges will gradually arise and your strategy must be reinvented as many times as necessary. RBuyer Persona SHARE: SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER Receive our Content Marketing articles for free .

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Social networks are perfect means to generate visits. sales and profits. Electronic commerce has adapted its rules to the new times. allowing a large number of brands to carry out operations through these platforms and thus multiply their chances of success. SHARE: An example of this is a Facebook business page. ready to serve the large number of prospects and customers who interact daily in this medium looking for various products and services. Therefore. there is one aspect that will determine success and that is instant messaging optimization.

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First of all you have to properly configure the page. A way that it facilitates the interaction of the public. With instant messaging. Therefore. it is necessary to go to the. Facebook help service to add a Call to. Action button that invites each of the clients to communicate through. The Messenger application. On the other hand. The description of the company must also include. The link so that the user directly opens the app and can send a message at any time. Of the day or night. Receive more messages on your. Facebook page Activation of instant responses. Facebook has its own version of the bot for quick messaging.

Just simply follow these steps: -Go to configuration. -From there to “Messages”. -In “Response Assistant” you have to check “Yes” to order the system to send instant responses to users who contact you. -You can customize the message in “Change” and after making the changes. press “Save”.


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