Why should advertisers use Amazon Attribution

What can be measure This tool measures non-Amazon Ads results , such as search ads, social ads, video ads, etc. This creates reports that include standard traffic metrics such as impressions per click and more detailed ones such as the pages viewed by each customer or the products added to the basket. These reports can also be downloaded. Why use it? Using this tool helps to measure the results of the campaigns, something very important if we want to get more sales .


Knowing which ads or channels our ads are

Performing Namibia Phone Number best on will help us be more effective with them and create more optimized ads. Optimizing is one of the main goals of Amazon Attribution . Discovering which strategies or which audiences increase the performance of the campaigns is essential to make subsequent decisions. The information on the destination pages or landing pages can affect the final conversion and customer behavior. Planning details such as which page they reach or which images and messages have a greater impact on users who access our products is of vital importance to stand out from the competition.


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Namibia Phone Number

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