What’s Stopping You From Starting Your Own Recruiting Business?

things that may hinder you. Several key themes emerged in our chat. Recurring reasons that keep recruiters from taking risks. How many people do you know – are there really others you would add to the list? Feel free to leave a comment below. financial shock. When you’ve been successful enough to feel confident building your own recruiting firm, you’ve probably also gotten to the point where you have a financial commitment in your life. Going from a well-paying job to a startup that can take months to get paid is a bridge too far for many. Financing needs to be secured. The nature of recruiting is usually such that a few months after you start working on the task, you get paid for the results you deliver.

This Blog Post Was Inspired by a Meeting With John Buckman

So securing financing to bridge this gap is often what a recruiting business needs to succeed, especially if you want it to quickly become more than a “one-man band.” Oftentimes, getting this type of financing means putting your own home at risk — a risk that, for people who have already taken a financial hit on their paycheck, often the Hungary Phone Number List are not prepared to take. Focus on what you do best. A lot of recruiters I know are great salespeople and great recruiters. What they’re good at is winning new assignments and then filling those positions. But many have no experience in other aspects of running a business, such as accounting, payroll, finance, credit control. IT, human resources, office management and procurement.

When You’ve Been Successful Enough to Feel Confident Building

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Taking on these responsibilities can mean jumping into uncharted territory — and also raises concerns that recruiters might get bogged down in these tasks instead of being able to focus on what they’re really good at. Confidence in resolving restrictive covenants. When you leave the recruiting business and build a business for yourself, what can you and can’t do? I know friends who have fairly intimidating clauses in their employment contracts. . Even if the law seems to be in your favor, it’s another concern for would-be entrepreneurs. This list is by no means exhaustive.

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