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Enter a name for your account and specify the currency you will use to bill . If you already have a Company Page. type in the URL and select your Page. Click “next” to go to the Campaign Manager . There you can create new campaigns. manage performance. adjust account settings and more. Now. in the case of current advertisers. the actions to follow are similar. and are also specified on the LinkedIn help platform . 2. Set up an Insight Tag and add it to your website.

The Insight information tag is a piece of JavaScript code that you must add to each page of your website to activate campaign reports. track El salvador whatsapp number list conversions. re-target site visitors. and more. Once you have created your LinkedIn Ads account and added the code that. depending on the social network. should ideally be placed just before the <body> tag: Log in to your Campaign Manager . Click Account Assets . Choose InsightTag . Your website will appear as verified if the tag is added successfully.

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Although that verification process. by LinkedIn. can take up to 24 hours. But if you haven’t added the tag yet. you have to start by accessing your JavaScript code. which is unique to your account. which you can do after: Sign in to Campaign Manager . Click on your account name to access the page. Click on the “Tools” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Insight Tag and copy all the code from the window. to paste it on your pages. Add the domain(s) you updated with the snippet .

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On the settings page. not including “www”. 3. Define the audiences you want to track This is not about customizing your desired audience composition. but about targeting different URLs that you need to analyze visitors for. For example. you will be able to analyze who enters your landing page and who enters your blog. as long as you enter the corresponding URLs for both platforms. How to do it? Go to your Campaign Manager . Click on “Account Assets” .

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Then on “Matched Audiences” and finally on “Create an audience”. Choose a name for your audience segments and select the specific URLs you want to track. But. as HubSpot mentions. keep in mind that you’ll need a minimum of 300 LinkedIn members. visiting the domain(s) you’ve defined. in order to track. With a lower number of visitors there will be no data available to allow you to do that task. 4. Monitor and analyze the data Once you have your demographics up and running.

You can analyze them to get a better idea of what types of professionals are clicking through to your website and why they’re looking for information about your brand. This will allow you to optimize the targeting of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns . to specific audiences. and generate more solid and competitive messages. It is worth mentioning that demographics allow you to filter the audience of your website in 8 dimensions. corresponding to: Job title Industry Labor Old job function Business Size of the company Location Country In short.


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