What is a Semrush Sensor and How to Use it

Semrush is one of the most commonly us competitor analysis, and exploring growth opportunities. There are several features in Semrush that help  in their analysis and make their life easier. Semrush sensor is one such feature that allows users to optimize their websites. Semrush Sensor is a tool that measures Google’s search algorithm’s volatility using the daily rankings of millions of  Tongliao Phone Number keywords. Want to stay updated on major  changes? Unlock the complete marketing potential of your website with the Semrush Sensor as it provides the Sensor Score that enables the detection of search changes impacting your  So, Semrush Sensor reveals whether your actions have positively impacted your website or Google’s algorithm changes have sent things in the right direction. Semrush publishes a volatility score on a scale of 0 to 10 each day. A higher score translates to greater volatility in Google’s SERP.

How Is the Semrush Sensor Score Calculated

Semrush records organic search results for certain keywords twice daily– at the beginning and end of the day. For every keyword, it conducts a per-item comparison of that day’s and the previous day’s results. It accounts for the change per day employing Levenshtein distance and normalization. The total value obtained provides insight into the total search volatility for that day.

For instance, if the score is as high as 9, it reflects that several position changes have happened in the Google SERPs. It is an indication that either there is an algorithm update or there are penalties put for offending websites.

However, it is not guaranteed that the position of your site will change by a change in volatility, but there are chances that you might see a change in the ranking of your website in Google’s search engine.

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How Can I Use The Sensor

Semrush Sensor has a Personal Score tab. So, if you have a Semrush account, you check the score that reflects changes to your linked website. Those who do not have a Semrush account will have to sign up for a free trial, enter their domain and click on the “Try it” button to see the Semrush Sensor score for their website.

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