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The results show that if a brand stays true to itself, it gets a greater positive response from consumers because the statement is considered authentic. In that sense, it is ‘safer’ for a naturally progressive and socially engaged brand to display brand activism. In the BSR model, brands Netherlands Phone Number with the same character as Marqt are often seen as the innovators. They often attract consumers who themselves have an adventurous character, are open to innovation and are prepared to take risks.

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The somewhat BSR ‘greener’ personality, on the other hand, is looking for safety and security. This is the opposite of this. From a commercial perspective, it is therefore not Netherlands Phone Number advisable for a brand to make a 180-degree turnaround and come up with a position that can surprise or even shock customers. From a social impact perspective it is interesting to consider the fact that a little commotion can bring about change in places that are otherwise entrenched. In this case, SPAR would most likely face resistance and surprise if the company (virtually) removes meat from its range. But the statement does get extra weight. It shows that the brand is willing to take risks. Then it must be an important theme and as a brand you have to be consistent in this.

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For many knowledge workers, taking notes is an ongoing activity. In a conversation you take notes in your Moleskin, when it’s busy you write down the tasks you really want to do on a post-it and some thinking about a project ends up on a page in OneNote. These are often fleeting notes Netherlands Phone Number that quickly disappear from view. Few knowledge workers scroll back and transfer their notebook tasks to their task system. Let alone scan notes from conversations and add them to an archive. The post-it is, half checked, crumpled and OneNote is quickly so full that it becomes difficult to find anything. How can you make and keep notes better?

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