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Where I get recommendations for make-up, laptop bags and outdoor equipment, my colleague gets recommendations for books and men’s clothing. So it can be conclud from this that my colleague. I fall into different customer groups. Has South Korea Phone Number creat different content per product category . This is shown in different compositions to different visitors. My colleague and I   also get to see different products. Example content personalization Example content personalization Is content personalization feasibleSouth Korea Phone Number  for small and medium-sized webshops? In this article, we went through the steps to prepare for content personalization and discussed concrete examples of what personalization might look like.

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Finally, we come to the key question of this article. Is content South Korea Phone Number personalization feasible for small and medium-sized webshops? The answer is ‘yes’, provided you: are willing to do a lot of research yourself are willing to engage a third party For   example, from standard Adobe Magento, my e-commerce South Korea Phone Number platform of choice , it is possible to filter order lists by brand, so that you can generate a mailing list with only customers who bought a certain brand. South Korea Phone Number But unfortunately you cannot offer dynamic content on a homepage from standard Adobe Magento.

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This means that you have to engage experts and have  South Korea Phone Number modules installed or have them installed if you want to exercise a personalization strategy in several areas. Content personalization becomes a lot easier with a CDP. You link these kinds of tools with your   e-commerce platform, allowing you to South Korea Phone Number collect data and distribute content in a personalized way. Disadvantage: this can easily add up to costs. For example , if you want to apply one-on-one South Korea Phone Number personalization, Datatrics will set you back €349 per month. Advantage : you manage all data and content from one system.

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