Watch Out for Possible Penalties in Case of Google

metrics more essential keywords Helps you watch out for possible penalties, in case of Google Dance Cons Being an in-app tracker, you can’t purchase a rank tracker individually Current version of LTP only works on three search engines Verifications LTP Rank #3 Serpstat Serpstat is not a heavy tool that SEOs prefer to use than SEMRush, Ahrefs or SEO PowerSuite. Yet, it can meet the expectations and needs of all SEO practitioners. Serpstat was popular for its keyword research and competitor analysis, and later went viral among online publishers as a comprehensive SEO suite. If you are new to Serpstat then I want to help you with its unusual features where you might make mistakes. To surprise you, Serpstatallows you to track up to

500 competitors to your specific target

keyword without spending additional resource limits. Without knowing it, you could be creating individual projects for each. At the bottom line, the tool not only R&D Directors Email Lists tracks your SERP position, but also displays the top 100 results. The tool also lets you include a tag with every edit you make after analyzing the ranking results. Like, edit meta title, optimize meta description, etc. So you can monitor and check how the change improves your ranking position. Indeed, it allows you to compare the current data with the results of the historical ranking. Likewise, Serpstat being a growing SEO tool, has many features. Features and strengths of Serpstat Grouping and assigning keywords for strategic keyword tracking Ability

to categorize specific keywords for further

R&D Directors Email Lists

optimization Information on traffic distribution between domains Allows you to know the fluctuations in the share of market a keyword category Set up landing pages for a specific keyword to drive targeted traffic Phrase storm feature to check how the positions of the resulting top 100 domains Benefits Also track domains mobile rankings Ranking check local and international Comprehensive SERP analysis with advanced analytics Cost-effective and best-selling SEO tool Powerful rank tracking to keep watching competitions Cons No free trial available No third-party tool integration possible Mobile rank tracking not possible in his plan of Startup Serpstat #4 Ahrefs Rank Tracker Ahrefs

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