They Wanted to Go to Market With a France Phone Number

Brand identity that made them look mature beyond their years from the very start. Ledgermatic is blazing the trail. For organizations to thrive in a tokenized economy, offering up the first-of-its-kind digital treasury management. Tech that bridges the gap between corporate and crypto. The brief to 99designs studio was to take the ledgermatic. Story beyond the logo and develop a brand identity that would give them an ownable set of brand assets that. Reflected their values. Ledgermatic web and mobile screens on different platforms all images in the article are. Created by schwinn, featuring the work of bored and tiago designer the client—ledgermatic makes it possible for. Companies to be their own bank.

Through Ledgermatic Suite of Services, Organizations

Can benefit from a tokenized economy. Ledgermatic logo the ledgermatic platform offers a single, comprehensive. Platform, which enables organizations to France Phone Number take advantage of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum to make. Long-term investments, hold collateral and create secure payment gateways. Strategic insights currently, the. Companies that provide business solutions to corporate treasurers and chief technology officers (ctos) have a very. Different look, feel and functionality than the companies that provide crypto services for everyday customers like. Gemini and kraken. Ledgermatic wants to bridge the gap between crypto and feasible, secure solutions for. Businesses and customers.

Early on, One of the Biggest Branding Challenges

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Ledgermatic recognized was that they needed a brand identity that has the futuristic, techy feel individuals get with. The platforms they use to buy, hold and store cryptocurrency, but also to communicate that ledgermatic is meant for. Large-scale, corporate use and thus, provides the functionality and security organizations need. Three mobile screen for the ledgermatic. App the 99designs studio approach to branding—ledger mastic wanted to launch the new. Brand quickly but stressed that their top priority was entering the market with a cohesive, clear, strategic. Brand identity that would. Act as a foundation they could continue to build upon.

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