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This includes personalized mailings, hero banners, advertisements and push notifications. First and foremost: personalized content certainly offers interesting Spain Phone Number opportunities and will be indispensable in 2022. However, I wonder ho What if being lucky wasn’t just a coincidence, but a skill you could master? dr. Christian Busch, best-selling author, explains how that works. Serendipity is unexpected good Spain Phone Number luck that results from unpland moments in which proactive decisions and actions lead to positive outcomes. You can steer at moments of happiness. For example, Apple consciously facilitates this for their employees. They do that as follows.

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The coffee corner is located in the middle of Apple’s headquarters, Spain Phone Number so that everyone in the company has to get their daily cup of coffee there. This increases the chance that you will bump into a colleague that you do not normally speak. These chance encounters are also stimulated by the layout of the mailboxes. It’s very Spain Phone Number random, so there’s a good chance you’ll bump into a colleague who normally doesn’t speak to you much or at all. That creates all kinds of opportunities (for more luck). Spain Phone Number Busch gives more tips that you can use privately and at work to steer towards more happiness. I would like to highlight two. First the chasing hooks tactic.

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Kibudi’s series reminded me of this brilliant video from Harvard Innovation Labs about the evolution of the agency. In the video you can see how in the Spain Phone Number 80s the desktop is still cluttered with objects such as newspapers, books, a rolodex and a calculator. But during the time travel to 2014, more and more Spain Phone Number objects such as apps in the computer and smartphone disappear. In the end, the desk is practically empty, except for a laptop, telephone and sunglasses. What would this video look like in 2030?

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