Two free concept art tutorials by Joseba Alexander Guillen

We show you two tutorials from the digital artist to improve your. Technique with photoshop the landscape of la mancha behind a road and a slender man in a terrifying scene are.Tthe protagonists of these tutorials by joseba alenxander guillen jalexanderguillen . Two videos synthesized in 15 and 6 minutes respectively in which it will help you improve. The construction of the landscape, the backgrounds, the characters and the environment.

Joseba currently works as a senior concept artist After that, at ubisoft. And is specialized in the film and video game industry. His job is to synthesize the ideas of creative directors and producers. Into images and add a bit of his own dreams and nightmares. The road to la mancha. The slender man walkthrough. If you want to discover more of his work and learn with his techniques, you will find what you are looking for in his character design for concept art course.


10 Fantastic Type Foundries.

Hallucinations tamayo museum , mexico city from photo retouching service march 23 to june 30 carsten höllers first exhibition in mexico, a belgian artist who experiments with perception, form and space. Through interactive pieces such as a slide or huge installations, hallucinations allows the viewer to see the world literally upside down, placing it in a perspective that humans are not used to seeing. The most anticipated exhibitions in mexico to start 2019 10 upside down mushroom room, 2000. Carsten höller. Design as second nature, zaha hadid architects university museum of contemporary art , mexico city until march 3 the work of zaha hadid architects and zaha hadid design arrives for the first time in latin america with this exhibition.

photo retouching service

Color Me Not: 10 Designs in Black and White.

The pieces that will be shown from this studio, founded BWB Directory in 1979 by zaha hadid, the first woman to receive the pritzker prize in 2014, have been curated by woody yao, design director. After that, A set of models, paintings, photographs and interactive virtual reality that shows the complexity of. The design and the creative process carried out by the studios architects. The most anticipated exhibitions in mexico to start 2019 13 museum room.  After that, Photography by juan pablo allegre.

Cardiff miller museum of contemporary art of monterrey. Nuevo león from january 25 to june 9 another exhibition that is presented. For the first time in mexico is that of. Canadian artists janet cardiff and georges bures miller, who work mainly with sound installations and sensory works. Mixing audio, movement, sculpture and technology. After that, they achieve pieces that alter the reality that simulates nature itself, altering the space through lighting and visual elements. The most anticipated exhibitions in mexico to start 2019 16 the killing machine, 2007.

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