Gain Trust From Amazon and Consumers

Then I foresee this doomsday scenario. Leaders don’t prioritize optimizing the digital employee experience. This leads to a poor employee experience. Which in turn leads to a decrease in employee engagement and productivity, which in turn affects retention. Replacement, training , missed opportunities and customer experience. Bad situation, right? Failure to provide an excellent digital employee experience leads to. An annoying domino effect As far as I’m concerned, 2022 will be the year of the digital employee experience (#dex). I have been working in the digital field for about 25 years. The employee experience is mainly the field of activity of HR professionals. That is why I asked a number of experts ( as earlier in the Open Up Digitals series ) about what they foresee in 2022.

Trust From Amazon and Consumers

What are the trends, what should we pay attention to and what can we do to remain attractive to people in times of constant change? our staff and for new talent? Also read: Manager, the vitality of your employees is also your responsibility Heleen Mes: Do you really have an eye for your employee? Portrait Helen Mes “Really putting employees first and offering them a ‘Best Workplace’: this is how you Tunisia Phone Number become and remain a top employer as an organization and successful in business”. Speaking is Heleen Mes, founder of HXWork and the LinkedIn group Employee Experience Netherlands/Belgium. She is a thought leader in employee experience and happiness at work and her mission is to turn every employer into a top employer.


From Amazon and Consumers

“We can assume that 2022 will be another year of forced hybrid work. Organizations will have to make the switch from adapting all changes related to work and employee needs, to real innovation. How do you make your organization and HR policy Employee centric ? Put yourself in the shoes of your (potential) employees and ensure that they can be the best version of themselves at work. That sometimes means offering the same HR product in different forms, because there is no one size fits all . At the same time, organizations will have to act much more based on their purposeand values. Hybrid working requires deepening of your organizational culture. Another year with corona puts extra pressure on employee involvement. Employees are more than ever looking for a good fit.

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