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Specializing in inbound marketing using tools. Such as marketing automation . To make successful campaigns in any market sector. To find out how we can help you. Request the contact of one of our best consultants below!Even with the use of validated strategies. Which facilitate the success of any short. Medium and long-term campaign. When a company leaves theory and enters practice. It is common to make mistakes in the application of inbound marketing . To prevent you from putting your feet in your hands. I have listed the most common mistakes when applying this digital marketing strategy to grow your brand! But. Before pointing out what you should avoid. Let’s start by answering the most basic questions : what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a strategy focused on attracting and deepening the.

Relationship with potential customers ( leads ) through content that helps them solve problems they face on a daily basis. Supported by permission marketing — in which the brand gains authority and Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers trust to communicate directly with leads — inbound marketing makes the best use of the company’s resources to make these leads proactively seek it out ( instead of spending lots of money on generic and even superficial communication!). The inbound marketing handbook how does inbound marketing work? In order to be found by potential customers interested in what the company has to offer. It invests in creating content relevant to searches in search engines and social networks . This content can even be rich material — exclusive and even more in-depth content — offered in exchange for a means of.

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Communication (usually an email address) with those interested. So when leads consume a lot of free and quality content. Which answers their questions. A bond of trust is developed with the brand that helped them “get out of the hole”. And with the means of communication registered in the lead base. It is easier for the company to create a personalized communication . Considering the particularities and behavior of each lead . That is. After lead generation. Nurturing occurs . In which leads become “warmer”: little by little. They stop seeing the company as a simple company. And more as an ally capable of helping whenever they need it. Usually. This all happens using marketing automation tools . Until leads leads to the.

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Conclusion that your company’s product or service is the ideal solution for them — allowing them to get comfortable with the idea of paying for a greater benefit. Tip: why is your content not generating leads? Discover the reasons! Now that you’ve seen a little about what inbound marketing is and how it works. Let’s go to the main mistakes made when applying this strategy? Check out: worst mistakes when doing inbound marketing 1. Focus only on selling the company often. The brand directs so much effort to convince a visitor that it is the best solution on the market. That it ends up losing sight of the real reason to apply an inbound marketing strategy : to generate value. It is impossible to do this if the company’s.

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Contents revolve only around what it expects from the relationship with potential customers. Right? Instead of the company “selling all the time”. Why not: show what it has already done and does to stand out in the market in which it operates? Share tips and secrets so visitors get the same results? Just don’t get me wrong! Presenting the products and services offered by the company is important. Yes. But people don’t want to know only about that : they also want the knowledge that the brand has! It is possible (and often more efficient) to sell indirectly .

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