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He masters the techniques of  writing. Is a bit schizophrenic so that he can put himself in any target group. Know which buttons to press and where those buttons are. Those talents are  mastered by the average plumber or data analyst when writing a shopping list. Although this might actually put his partner into action. That again. Anyone can write. Not everyone can write copy that converts. 5. A copywriter can write a text ‘just as quickly’ “It’s just a short text, can it be ready this afternoon?” Recognizable? As if you’re twiddling your thumbs until that  client calls.

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Sometimes they are taken over by the media. We once made the Bahamas Phone Number front page of an addendum to the  with an article about Philips’ ‘Willie Wortel’, the colleague with the most patents to his name.’ Flexible shell Several colleagues are involved in the production and activation of content, as well as a flexible layer Bahamas Phone Number of freelancers and agencies: ‘I myself, just like a channel activation manager, am part of the integrated communications team of Philips Benelux. We also work with freelancers, a video agency and an agency that helps to set up paid social media Bahamas Phone Number campaigns.’ Your website will not only look good on desktop, but just as good on tablet and smartphone. Therefore, always test the different pages on different devices and with different browsers.

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The content also catches on at a global level. Freek: ‘We can Bahamas Phone Number also activate a lot of the content we produce internationally. And when we published a Made in 040 video explaining the different types of medical imaging (how Bahamas Phone Number does ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT work), global’s immediate response was ‘We want that too!’ A good format for structure The strength of the series is Bahamas Phone Number the simple storytelling, without jargon. We then translated the concept into global: Health Technology Explained . That one video was one of the most viewed videos on LinkedIn of the year.

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