That Thought Can Be Demotivating

That means they probably won’t read the HTML code of your emails the same way they did 3 years ago. It is therefore good to run your templates through a tool such as Litmus or Email On Acid at least once a year . In those tools you can easily see how your email is displayed in 90+ combinations of clients and devices. Even in dark mode! Maybe it’s time to add fancy elements to your template too. You can think of interactive elements, such as a hotspot object to highlight product features or an on-hover function to give more attention to calls-to-actions. Make sure to surprise the recipient. email marketing trends 2022 Source: Interactive Hotspots in Email You can also think of showing real-time content. For example, you can display the current stock of your products in an abandoned cart email to create urgency. In addition, you can adjust the opening hours in your email based on the opening time of your recipient. If someone opens the mail when you are closed, you can show that too.

Thought Can Be Demotivating

But you can also act on the weather conditions in someone’s environment. Someone who opens an email where it’s freezing wants to offer you sweaters. And someone who opens the same message at the same time, but in sunny Spain, wants to show you T-shirts. Fully automated and data-driven! That’s hyper-personalization. Which email trends do you want to capitalize on this year? The above trends are Lebanon Phone Number based on developments and opportunities that I see in the market and based on experiences with customers. Of course, one trend may be more relevant to you than the other. It also just depends on what stage you are in the email marketing domain and what your goals are. One organization is reaching the limits of its ESP, while the other organization has not yet run any automated campaigns. Consider carefully which trends you want to respond to in the coming year.


Can Be Demotivating

Good luck!It’s probably not news, but your life is finite. The average human life ends after 72.6 years. Then you have roughly, rounded up, 4,000 weeks. How often do you realize that all this is finite? Why would you? Is it depressing? Yes and no. Yes, because it can be sobering to think about the idea that you are no longer there. No, because it might make you more aware that all you have is the here and now. This is it. How best to spend that time is the heart of Burkeman’s book 4,000 weeks. Your time on earth and how to deal with it (affiliate). His counter-intuitive advice: do less, try less, and assume that plans won’t come true. You are here Suppose you have about 4,000 weeks here on this planet, you would expect that our main question is how we spend that time well. So time management should be our main focus. After all, what we essentially are is time.

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