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Many indicate that their origin applied on the internet dates back to 2012. with the new design of Windows 8 by Microsoft. which was added by Google the following year renewing its brand image. Features of the flat design Flat and rectilinear design One of the most visually recognizable features of the flat design is his totally flat design. avoiding any type of texture. relief or shadow in the elements that make up the website. Depth in the images is also avoided. giving overall a two-dimensional appearance. Bright colors He flat design is characterized by using vivid colors and contrasted that cause a great visual impact on the visitor. It is common to use pastel shades. as they are the least annoying to look at. These colors are always flat. no gradients or effects.

Tendency to minimalism Bolivia whatsapp number list Another of the most visually recognizable features of the flat design 3.0 is his tendency to minimalism. eliminating any element that does not add value to the user’s navigation. clearing the spaces to create a clean design with few visual elements. Iconography In the event that there is icons. They tend to be clearly differentiated. also following a minimalist style and flat color. Thought so that. At a glance. the message you want to convey is captured. What are its advantages The style flat design carries a series of benefits at the web level: Improves user experience: one of the most important advantages of flat design It is the improvement that it contributes to the user experience compared to other types of design. since it helps users and facilitates their interaction with the site or the application

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Faster loading times and improved WPO: the websites that follow the flat design they always have a reduced loading time. since they eliminate all the elements that are not necessary and try to consume hardly any resources. Design responsive: It is a design style that is easier to adapt to all mobile devices due to the simplicity of its elements. More careful image: he flat design gives a neat and orderly image of the site to customers. which helps improve reputation online and encourages brand growth. In short. the style flat design It is a minimalist design. with striking colors and flat elements. without shadows. textures or depths. It is used today by powerful companies such as Google or Microsoft. but it is a internet trend which. for the moment. is booming given its advantages.

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A slogan is a short. original. powerful and easy to remember advertising phrase that understands all the characteristics of your brand. highlights your value or main characteristic and makes it clear to the consumer what the mission of your company is. That is. it helps to communicate the central idea of your company. your advertising campaign or your corporate strategy. Normally it accompanies the image. name or logo of the company. Product or service and its purpose is build the corporate identity of the brand. Position itself in the minds of consumers and gain market presence. In this sense. Good copywriting practices they can be useful to inspire you.

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What a slogan should look like. There are certain elements that must be present to build an effective slogan that correctly defines the company and that. I managed to capture the attention of consumers. The first thing to keep in mind to know how to make a slogan is that. Must have a maximum of eight words. Should define and highlight the benefits of the company. product or service clearly. You must create it from a unique feature and specific. so no competitor. Can use that feature and say they look like you. Also. the slogan should be easy to pronounce. It must be able to be used on a daily basis and. most importantly. Must manage to survive the passage of time.

Criteria to follow to create a creative slogan for your campaigns. Here are some tips on how to make a creative tagline for your campaigns. That can help you through the process: Unique and simple. As we have already anticipated. the slogan should be short. clear. positive. As a tip. you can start by. Brainstorming about the characteristics and values of your company to. Arrive at the exact words that encompass the essence of your brand. Product or service and for which your customers will remember you. Rhythm Keep in mind that in video campaigns also influences the rhythm. And tone of the slogan. Let’s remember the famous “I’m loving it” from McDonald’s. The famous slogan comes to mind. With the rhythm in the head “Para pa pa pa”.

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