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So it is no surprise that it is one of the most used social networks in 2017; The platform created by Zuckerberg has absorbed some others. such as Instagram and WhatsApp. forming a wide spectrum of communication and digital interaction. WhatsApp WhatsApp is an extremely popular instant messaging platform. to the point that every Android or IOS device has it by default. It is free and with each update they seek to be up to date with world trends. It allows you to create and send Gifs. videos. images. share documents. emojis and. recently. stories .

Even brands are using them to create a direct communication channel with the customer and spread important information. It is a great way to personalize attention and attract the Qatar whatsapp number list customer to the brand; because if the consumer is aware of something. as the statistics show . it is his WhatsApp. Youtube YouTube is a social network where we can watch and share videos . Today video is one of the most popular pieces of content among people; Well. it works for many purposes: from learning to cook to entertaining you for an entire afternoon. The proliferation of youtubers.

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which have somehow supplanted television presenters and programs . is one of the most significant phenomena of YouTube today. which leads it to be one of the most popular social networks of 2017 . FacebookMessenger Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s instant messaging application . Again. people prefer instant communication to interact . and some brands have taken advantage of this by providing a direct channel of communication through the app. Also.

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by using Facebook Messenger bots. brands can take advantage of this tool so that their users can book tickets. check-in. order food… Many features! On Facebook Messenger there are more and more Gifs. emojis. images and forms of expression beyond words . It transforms at the rate that people change; a great achievement that keeps it in the top 4 of the most used Social Networks. with 1.000 million active users. wechat WeChat stands for “micro-message” and is a voice and mobile text messaging service that was created by Tencent . a Chinese manufacturer.

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One of its most interesting features is the ability to translate texts into more than 20 languages; allowing communication between many people around the world . In addition. It integrates artistic filters for images. Other applications to share streaming content with contacts and user. Information is protected with a backup that can be retrieved from the cloud. It is available for Android. iOS and other operating systems.

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