This Feature in Almost Every Other Seo Tool

Integration of other tools Possible Not feasible Link Prospecting Possible Not possible TF-IDF analysis Available Nope White Label Reports Possible Not possible Price model One-time investment Renewal Money back guarantee 30 days Nope Cost Economic Moderate User rating 9.6 / 10 9.4 / 10 stock Get access now Get access now 2. SEO PowerSuite vs SEMRush SEMRush is popular not only among SEO experts but also beginners. Why People Love Using SEMRush is great for getting potential keywords for PPC campaigns. Major comparison between SEO PowerSuite and SEMRush Although it is beginner-

friendly, you have to shell out

hundreds and thousands of dollars. This is somehow not manageable for new bloggers or SEOs. Here, SEO PowerSuite wins because it has a free version General Manager Email List to support these start-ups. Let me explain a few other reasons why SEO PowerSuite runs SEMRush. Reason – 1: Unlimited Projects SEMRush allows you to create a limited number of projects when choosing your plan. On the other hand, its competitor allows you to have unlimited projects. Even the free version of SEO PowerSuite promotes unlimited keyword research, unlimited websites for backlink auditing, and more. Reason – 2: Advanced Rank Tracking You can only track 500 keywords or up to a maximum of 5,000 keywords even in its business

plan. If you opt for SEO PowerSuite

General Manager Email List

you can track unlimited keywords in over 500 search engines. Indeed, it can check more in-depth (1000 positions) to retrieve the appropriate ranking reports for you. By the way, we can’t take SEMRush too lightly. It is still considered the best keyword research tool for SEM and PPC advertising campaigns. As online marketers, however, we cannot give up on SEMRush. Reason – 3: TF-IDF score Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency Score (TF-IDF) is an always confusing term in SEO. SEO PowerSuite calculates the TF-IDF score and allows you to optimize your content towards it. The TF

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