This artist redeems Asian women and their cultural identity

Pop art, oriental tradition and feminine power come together in this great artist yuko shimizu is an illustrator and artist born in tokyo in 1963. At the age of 12, she lived in new york for four years, something that made the western essence take root in her person from that moment on. Although art was always his passion, he returned to japan to study advertising and marketing and worked as a corporate pr, but during this time he always continued to draw.

In 1999, after a period of crisis, she decided that living in the big apple and becoming an artist was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. This artist redeems asian women and their cultural identity 1 melancholy of mechagirl, 2013. Emigrating to follow her childhood dream, she graduated with a master of fine arts degree from the school of visual arts sva in 2003, where she is currently a professor.


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Her work has earned her worldwide renown through photo background removing collaborations with major brands such as the gap, nike, pepsi, visa, microsoft and target, or as book covers published by penguin, scholastic or dc comics furthermore, her illustrations have graced the pages of the new york times, time, rolling stone, and the new yorker. Shimizu has a style that combines the roots of his eastern life with the pop art and psychedelia of the western world, and manages to convey the direct influence of manga and comics from the 60s and 70s, although he has mentioned several times that he hates this rooted part.

In their visual culture. On the other hand, she thrives on graphic and furniture design, reading, especially novels, and research on any subject, and she is influenced by the mindset and innovation of characters like bjork , haruki murakami , wong karwai and stefan.

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This artist redeems asian women and their cultural BWB Directory identity 4 fujimama sakurafubuki, 2007. He creates images full of texture, precise and evocative, but always honest about what makes him a person. An example of this is his graphic execution she begins her sketches using japanese calligraphy brushes, drawing. Pens, pencils and chinese ink. From the brush he obtains his style of line, a very soft combination between thin and thick that demonstrates greater control, starting from the base of traditional art. But once that part is done, she transfers everything to digital to color through photoshop , as she says it takes years to learn to draw and paint. The computer will not make you an artist. It is important to learn how to use your hands before moving on to digital art.

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