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The decrease in perceived false news about the coronavirus probably explains the decrease in these concerns. Worry really fake international Stand up for Colombia Phone Number your position or remain neutral? It is interesting to see how different older and younger generations think about. The reporting and whether it should be neutral or may have a certain ‘colour’. To gain insight into this, The Digital News Report survey chose to ask questions about climate coverage. What seems? While young people Colombia Phone Number expect clear advice and clear instructions from. The news media about what everyone can do, older age groups want to be addressed less individually. They believe that Colombia Phone Number media should focus on companies.

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Older age groups also believe that news media should Colombia Phone Number reflect different views and young people. More often ask news sources to take a clear position. Making clear where you stand is more important to them than factual Colombia Phone Number objectivity. They don’t actually believe it exists. In addition to the annual monitor, Irene Costera Meijer et al. conducted qualitative research into the value Colombia Phone Number of journalism. How do ‘average’ news users – not specifically critical, doubting or distrustful – deal with the distinction between journalism and other types of information sources.

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The ability to recognize the professionalism of journalistic sources as a distinguishing value is becoming increasingly important. Survival of professional Colombia Phone Number news organizations There is a task for both the government and the news organizations to train users in this (media literacy). If users gain a better understanding of how the news is created and which choices (or should be) made, they see that it is Colombia Phone Number quite reliable. This allows them to better distinguish between fake news , strategically deployed disinformation and unintended misinformation. For the survival, the presence, recognizability and findability of the professional news Colombia Phone Number organizations in the perception of the different generations is essential.

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