What Their Pain Points and Interests

Selecting the right software is not only essential for the further optimization of this task area, but of course also a budget essential. Because if you use the wrong software, it can cost an organization a lot of time and money. That is why the selection process in advance is very important. In this article I will give you 10 steps to select the right software. Regardless of which software you’re looking for, you can follow these tips to shape the selection process. Step 1. Talk to the (future) users There is a good chance that you are not the only user of the future software. Perhaps you will not use the software at all, but your task is mainly to select the appropriate software for teammates or colleagues. Therefore, start with a good conversation with the (future) users. Map out the wishes and challenges in the current work process.

Their Pain Points and Interests

Find out what people expect from the software and how you can make their work easier, more efficient or more fun with the right software. Step 2. Research the customer journey If you are going to select software that will also facilitate interaction with customers, it is also extremely important to research the wishes and needs of the customers beforehand. At what point in the customer journey will the Guatemala Phone Number software be introduced? What is the purpose of the software and what do you have to think about? What do customers find important and how can you ensure a wow effect for customers? If you can answer these questions correctly, you will benefit greatly from making your final choice. Because of course it is very important that customers can be properly served by the software.


Pain Points and Interests

For example, if you choose a learning management system, you have to pay attention to how people get access and what they have to do to log in. But also how they can monitor their progress and whether you want to be able to email them or send notifications in between.  Therefore, first map out the customer journey separately from the software . Which steps are part of the customer journey and which touchpoints are there? Where in the customer journey is the new software discussed and what are the customer’s expectations at the moment. If you have defined this well, you can translate the needs and wishes of the customer into features of a software package. Mapping the customer journey when choosing marketing software Step 3. Define all the features you need Now look at the input you have collected from users and customers.

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