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We’ve seen each other less face-to-face and more online than ‘normal’. We worked from home more often, had online meetings and met less or never in larger groups. Denmark Phone Number Has this permanently changed the way we interact with each other? In the meantime, we seem to be gradually returning to ‘the old normal’ in terms of social contacts. But is that really so? Meta conducts extensive research into this, divided into 3 parts. ‘ A three part series exploring how the demand for deeper human connection has Denmark Phone Number sparked a profound reset of our relationships that could shape the future of the Internet .’ The importance of strong connections An 80-year Harvard study published in 2017 found that strong friendships make for a happy, physically and mentally healthy life.

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Friendships make you happier than money or fame. Meta Denmark Phone Number investigated the effect the pandemic has on these relationships. Is the way we form and maintain relationships different? What is the role of technology in this? And how can you best deal with this as a company? ‘Less is more’, also in relationships During the corona crisis, especially in the periods when the peaks in the charts were Denmark Phone Number high, the urgent advice from the government was that we see as few people as possible. If you’ve followed this advice, it’s likely limited your ability to see family and friends face-to-face. You have been more selective in choosing who to meet. You may not even have seen some of your friends physically in 2.5 years.

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Anyone who’s felt the absence of a meaningful relationship realizes the power of its emotional impact. According to Meta’s research, among 36,000 adults, Denmark Phone Number some of these changes lead to permanent shifts. New standards are emerging for communicating and making deeper connections. And that applies to Denmark Phone Number close friendships and family ties as well as casual connections . Across generations, quality over quantity is the future of relationships The trend is reversed If you look back over the past few decades, there is a trend in the number and type of connections we make on average.

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