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Will make the younger audience multiply exponentially. Snapchat is facing very difficult challenges, including a complete redesign of its processes and strategies. The saying “renew or die” will take on a new meaning for them in 2018, without a doubt. Still, they can get by with enough creativity, research. Investment in new technologies and features to reach new audience segments. Instagram is one of the favorite social media of the public today. Not only has it grown consistently. But the evolution of its functions now allows thousands of entrepreneurs. To take advantage of the multiple advantages of social commerce.

Therefore, it is time to learn how to take advantage of. Purchase intent to improve conversions through this platform. Before using the Costa rica whatsapp number list respective technology. It is necessary to create interest. The way to achieve it is invariable. For this, optimized content is required. Attractive and in perfect proportion to. The wishes and needs of customers on social networks. Specifically this one that is so popular. Therefore, precise rules must be obeyed . Which, although traditional to a certain extent. Must be essential in the strategy: -Direct and high-quality images, as well as short but useful videos.

Intent Through Instagram

The quality of the photographs on this network must. Be in context with the brand, without ever abusing colors or minimalist concepts. Therefore, direct, attractive and tasteful photos will always be the best way to go. For their part, the videos, which must be brief to be hosted in this medium. Must be fun and useful at the same time. It is necessary to take advantage of the space to generate. The greatest possible interest with these two resources. Stories and their appeal to the public. This tool allows you to capture even more followers. As it visually and insistently reminds the user of the presence of the brand on the web.

Costa rica whatsapp number list

Therefore, you have to add content that provides more information about what the customer wants to know, in creative and humorous ways. -SEO optimization: The keywords included in brief descriptions, as well as the proper use of hashtags will be key to attracting followers interested in the respective offer. Leverage purchase intent through Instagram Analytics through Instagram Once you have enough followers with a clear purchase intention, it is time to take advantage of the technology available in this social medium: -Tracking Organic Business Activity: As of July 2016, business accounts on this network can monitor data off-site.

Will The Terminology In Social

Thanks to this function, it is possible to know the number of users who go to your website through a specific link in your profile or in the promoted products, for example. Thus, you will be able to know the age range, habits, preferences and other demographic characteristics of the users interested in your offer. This is very important to learn more about the public captured through this network and apply the necessary techniques to take advantage of their purchase intention and guide them through the process with personalized information.

Leverage followers to drive purchases: Starting at 10,000 followers, this social platform allows businesses to use the dynamic “Swipe Up” feature in stories. When adding content to the day, a specific link is also added in the photo or video and when sliding on the call to action button, the user is directed to the respective page, which may well be an optimized landing page , a section of the eCommerce, or a blog post. -The advantages of the “Shopping” function: In addition, this network allows the promotion of physical products exclusively, by labeling a maximum of 5 of them and adding their main characteristics such as price and model.


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