The October 2021 Measurement

Find a (leadership) position that does justice to the purpose and values ​​of your organization. Take a position that is credible to your stakeholders. Does your organization want to help increase the digital inclusion of groups of Dutch people? This can be the starting point for an in-depth exploration of your business purpose. Questions that are useful to answer at this stage: What specific role does your organization want to play? What does your organization stand for? Given your own interests and wishes and those of your stakeholders: what would be the ideal positioning? Is this a credible positioning that fits your company values? How do you make that position more credible? 3. Activate stakeholders Try to get stakeholders moving. This requires collaboration between stakeholders and the organization. As a result, stakeholders support the organizational policy, start using your product or act as an ambassador for you.

October 2021 Measurement

You don’t want to be surprised because you forgot (the arguments within) a certain group. Consider, for example, a seemingly small NGO that sets up a smart social campaign about how your organization has spread fake Kazakhstan Phone Number news or is not very concerned with customer privacy. This can cause major reputational damage. Communication agenda: in action for the reputation of your organization In short, 2022 promises to be a very interesting year for the communication manager with a number of rich issues to include and embrace in your communication agenda. This should not be accompanied by only good intentions but with concrete actions. Not only ‘directed’ from the communication department, but broadly embedded and supported by the organization. Your employees determine your organizational reputation.


2021 Measurement Organizational

It’s time for action. This should work out well with an inclusive, relevant and research-minded perspective.Column – Will Google Analytics be banned in Europe soon? Many marketers scratched their heads when the Austrian privacy watchdog DSB ruled in January 2022 that Google Analytics violates the GDPR and may no longer be used. A decision with far-reaching consequences or a statement that will come to nothing? Perhaps more important than the outcome is whether European companies will finally abandon Google Analytics once and for all after these new allegations. Austria vs. Google: 1-0 A discredited American tech giant: nothing new under the sun, right? Silicon Valley has been facing increasing opposition from Asian and European quarters in recent years.

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