The key driver for the upgrade of Taiwan-France relations

In may of this year. The french senate unanimously passed the resolution on “Taiwan’s participation in the work of international organizations” by a vote of 304 to. at the end of november. The french national assembly voted overwhelmingly with 39 votes in favor. Two against and three abstentions. Include taiwan in the work of international organizations and multilateral platforms.

With gray hair and high blood pressure,

He urged the french parliament to pass a bill to support taiwan
In france. Which has a leading position in the eu’s diplomacy. The upper and lower houses of congress Senegal Phone Number successively passed bills to support taiwan within half a year. Which has set a historical record. Such a significant progress and breakthrough in taiwan-france relations, in addition to the global political atmosphere that is blowing “Supporting the typhoon” in the international arena. The unremitting efforts of wu zhizhong. The representative to france over the past three years. Are also indispensable.

“Grey hair, high blood pressure, countless efforts

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By the colleagues of the ministry of foreign affairs! The excitement inside is indescribable!” sitting in the diplomatic guest gallery of the french national assembly all the way. Listening to the fierce debate of mps for nearly two hours. The national assembly overwhelmingly after the votes passed the resolution to support taiwan.  Enthusiastically wrote these words on his face.

. Office work. Even the 10-degree cold morning in paris did not cool his excitement.

In fact, it’s not just white hair, high blood pressure, but also high blood sugar.” wu  zhizhong said that because he ate too many desserts in france, his blood sugar has been soaring. At first glance, this statement that makes people jealous, there is a bit of sadness behind it.

As the representative to france for more than three years, wu zhizhong has dinner almost every night. In order to introduce taiwan to french friends from all walks of life, he often talks non-stop; but if his plate is not used, the waiter will not take it away. So he had to “Swallow the food quickly” as he spoke. If he finds a restaurant with good food and affordable price, wu zhizhong will also ask colleagues from the representative office to make reservations for several consecutive days. Every night, different french friends are there for the banquet, but wu zhizhong eats the same dishes. In paris. the capital of gastronomy, in order to expand taiwan’s diplomatic space, wu zhizhong has been eating dishes and desserts that “Don’t know the taste”.

However, in order to let the french society know and understand more about taiwan, he is very happy with the hard work.


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