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It is also worth mentioning that the study carried out by. Facebook considers data from August 2017, except in the. “Live TV” category, whose data is from March 2017. Watch time of Facebook video ads What does the study. Say and how does the playback time compare between the different formats? It will always be interesting to analyze user behavior on social networks. Facebook advertising is no exception and here is what the study shows. Users view this content in all formats, with optional sound. On a massive scale and their relevance determines their playback, of course.

These are generally viewed in Chile whatsapp number list landscape format, with the sound on, and are skipped by a large majority of users. -Non-Skippables: Both those at the beginning and those shown in the middle of the videos are appreciated horizontally, with sound, and users consider them relevant or in context with the type of content they are viewing. -Stories: Users have no choice but to see them in vertical format and in the middle of the organic content they are enjoying.

How Did Snapchat Do In 2017

The best produced of this entire range of advertising. What is it that Facebook is not considering in this study? It is worth mentioning that this analysis. Published by the social network in question does not include figures or specific numbers. But only graphics with the general aspects that are mentioned. Therefore, we will have to wait for a much more exhaustive. Study in this regard, although for the moment it is enough to draw some conclusions.

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The most important aspects derived from this analysis. It can be seen that the audience’s favorite ads, the ones they pay the most attention to. Are the “Non-Skippable” ads for a few reasons. The first and most obvious is that they will necessarily. Have to appreciate them before enjoying their contents. They are much more relevant than the other types of ads. Therefore, they are in context with the interests of the audience. The obvious takeaway from this social media advertising study Without much fuss. Advertisers should direct their work and effort to the production of ads. Type “Non-Skippable”, instead of other formats.

What Strategies Should Be

For example, those included in Instagram stories are not. Exactly the best marketing technique to follow. Since they provide the feeling of being interrupted when viewing the ephemeral. Content of the users they follow. In addition, there is an aspect that must be taken into account. Since the nature of these spots does not allow them to be skipped. Which, as already mentioned, is annoying for many users. The content of each ad must be more interesting, without exception.

This not only guarantees attention, but also a higher probability of conversions. Facebook ads are yet to live their best stage . However, it is possible to venture to draw conclusions that help brands improve. Their strategies in order to reach a larger audience. Snapchat emerged as a novel social network primarily geared towards millennials. The brief contents and the dynamic concept of this platform quickly conquered millions of users. But some data from 2017 seems to be discouraging.


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