The Future Success Of Your Mortgage Business Depends On

In a way, this means that all those who have been established the longest in the market have an advantage. As Tina Shah, founder of Heritage Financial said. “We’ve been in the market for a long time and everyone knows and trusts us. And it’s quite a challenge for new entrants”. Of course, this helps Tina’s business focus on delivering great service and customer experience. Thereby maximizing the number of past customers who want to visit them again in the future. For many mortgage businesses, this is only part of the success equation. Oliver Orlicki of The Orlicki Group takes a high-touch and highly structured his past clients.

Get Leads Through Referrals From Other Businesses Biggest Source

When it comes to ensuring customers get their first mortgage, providing an easy. Enjoyable and affordable mortgage experience is fundamental to their return. But Oliver has a process to keep in touch with each of these customers on an ongoing basis. Really solidify the relationship very intensively. The first 12 months and then on an ongoing basis thereafter to get regular attention. You never know when a past client might need a new mortgage, so the key is to Bahrain Phone Number List make sure you’re always on their minds! Oliver ensures this through handwritten note cards, gift-giving experiences and other services, and various drip email campaigns to keep conversations open with past clients; sporadic email reminders about things of interest to homeowners in the local community.

Lead Generation Through Smart Use of Data, Alerts, and Triggers

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And tips Recent news of new customers completing online reviews on Google and Zillow, enhancing their recognition of the business. This carefully constructed connection strategy reinforces positive perceptions of the company, ensuring that people remember the business and come back to it or recommend it for many years to come. So even if you get a lot of repeat business, don’t overlook the potential to win more repeat business by improving the end-to-end customer experience you provide (before, during, and after a mortgage, the transaction closes). Get leads through referrals from other businesses. If past customers are the biggest source of mortgage leads Flagstar Bank’s Christy Soukhamneut believes they are — the second most important source for many providers will be referrals from other businesses.

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