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If you had built a Settlement System, There were several roads leading to that one note. Chances are that many other notes have something to do with this one. Suppose you have a network conversation with someone (Kim de Vries). You discuss a possible collaboration, Japan Phone Number you talk about a common knowledge (Fred de Jong) and the person you talk to also has an interesting book tip for you. This development is not only due to the good will of companies, But above all from the growing awareness of consumers. And the growing need for products.

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If you make a note of this conversation and save it in the classic way, this note will come as a file (20220401 Kim de Vries) in a folder (Conversations).Suppose you now meet Fred Japan Phone Number  de Jong or want to buy some reading material for your holiday How do you then make the link with the network conversation?  Not unlike the old sheets of paper in a tab in a binder in a cupboard. brand. Do you stand up for your ideals as a brand and do you dare to take sides.

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In the book  and I describe this under the name of the dogma of the document. Because we once had to work that way, we still do it now.  The role of purpose or social impact in business is increasing all the time. According to 70% of C-Japan Phone Number suite leaders, the company’s purpose strategy strongly influences their role,  hows . It is therefore not Japan Phone Number surprising that more and more organizations have developed or are working on such a strategy. Suppose something happens in the world that affects the values ​​and purpose of your.

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