The design of a good projection film is never the patent

Unless you are a colleague in the design industry, “office worker” and “graphic design” seem to be two irrelevant terms. Of course, the theory of graphic Kazakhstan Phone Number design is also involved in the design of the presentation, but can the office workers without the relevant design background and training be unable to design the projection film well? Or are there actually some small steps in design that we have already applied without knowing the reason behind it?

The design of a good projection film is never the patent

Proximity, Surroundings, and Subject/Background originated or evolved from the Gestalt school of psychology in the 1820s, the study of visual perception, Gestalt in German means pattern, shape, discusses How the brain perceives things in a holistic way. In addition to extending the above design concepts, it also includes similarity, continuity, closure, symmetry, common fate, etc., which have profound implications for design. influences.

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of a few people. Let me, who is an engineering student, discuss with you how to bring the design concept into practice.

The design of a good Many workplace or briefing books and courses also talk about the theory of graphic design, but how to bring these theories into daily office life and apply them to improve the design of projection films is relatively less written; or vice versa , good. However, behind this “good-looking”, have we already practiced some seemingly complicated What about design theory?

In the design concepts of East and West,

The design of a good Of course, this does not mean that only these four concepts are important; for example, the use of repetition  to explain in a long article. There are already many examples of using the rule of thirds for photographic composition, graphic design, or typography for slideshows. To tell you the truth, I have also read a lot of briefing articles or books. When talking about the design it with the office workers.

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