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Therefore. it is essential that you keep your page optimized for such action. including the correct keywords. creating a vanity URL. and generating excellent content. 3. Your followers see the most recent content first While Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content from friends over page content. and News Feed posts that get more likes and shares; Users can also choose which posts they want to see first. which means the most interesting ones will make an impact in followers’ news feeds. 4. Facebook is a valuable social channel for B2C vendors only According to HubSpot.

73% of people use the social network for professional purposes. But they also do it to obtain personal information. It is even a valid channel for B2B providers; however. it is recommended not to overwhelm followers with conversion techniques. but to Singapore whatsapp number list execute tactics that aim at the discovery or awareness stage . 5. People don’t use hashtags on Facebook Although they are not as protagonists as on Twitter. in the Zuckerberg network they also represent a very important element in the optimization of publications. by helping users find specific content. But its use must be appropriate. so that the messages are not confusing or annoying. and do not harm the conversion rate.

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Facebook Ads is more suitable for Marketing tactics in the BOFU On the contrary. it can work well for each stage of the funnel. that is. the Top. Middle and Bottom of the Funnel. Consequently. the configuration of your advertising campaigns must consider all three phases. That is. for TOFU you have to focus on those that generate brand awareness. and for MOFU and BOFU. the ideal is to target re-segmentation campaigns that make users return to your site and make the purchase.

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Website conversion ads are becoming obsolete with the availability of lead generation ads According to HubSpot. in 2016 it was found that North American advertisers spent less than 1% of budgets on lead generation ads; while the budget allocation for conversion ads increased by 50% in one year. 8. With the rise in popularity of video.

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they still represent only 12% of total ad spend for marketers. This is because video requires more resources and effort to produce than other content. Therefore. considering that the. Social network is not flooded with audiovisual ads. It is a good alternative to include them in a. Marketing strategy on Facebook. which allows you to innovate and. Capture more attention with your ads. 9. The most common way to share videos on Facebook is through YouTube links.

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