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You can now also manually add such an image description to your post, Before and after publication. Before publishing. When creating your post, go to Advanced settings  Write alternative text. After publication go to the published Luxembourg Phone Number post via the dots to Edit and click on the image on ‘Edit alternative text’. While these accessibility features aren’t all brand new, it’s an extra reminder to keep Luxembourg Phone Number them in mind when creating and publishing your Instagram posts. Set Alternate Text on Instagram So, now you are up to date with. The latest Instagram updates. If I missed one, Please let me know! Which new feature are you going to test? Luxembourg Phone Number Want to learn more about Instagra.

A Customer Luxembourg Phone Number

Do you want to learn more about creating relevant content, Increasing engagement, how to learn more about your target audience and their behavior and Luxembourg Phone Number. How to use locations and hashtags smartly? Then the online course package Instagram essentials might be interesting for you. Curious? View Luxembourg Phone Number the package here 0 comments. Be the first to comment! This is how you make your first video Instagram update: Shopping, Reels & Guides prominent position. What’s next? Instagram Reels for your brand? Be creative, Luxembourg Phone Number original & have guts. The author Elsemieke Land of Frankwatching Elsemieke works at Frankwatching as an Editor & Community Manager.  Land Read more about Social media social media Instagram.

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Within Google, These guidelines are Luxembourg Phone Number used to evaluate algorithm updates. In the past, These guidelines were only available to employees, But since 2013 they have been made publicly available. And that’s  when many SEO specialists (myself included) started focusing on them. Good to Luxembourg Phone Number know. EAT is not a ranking factor, but it is a guideline. That the algorithm should  comply with. Also read. How to respond to Google’s changing search results pag.  SEA An increasing role Since 2013, the EAT guidelines have developed considerably and if I can believe the assumptions on various.

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