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Sible to pin up to 3 posts (or videos or Reels) to the top of your profile, Jordan Phone Number you have even more control. over what someone sees first on your profile. Does this look familiar? That may be true, as Twitter and TikTok already have similar features. Pin a post to Jordan Phone Number Instagram by clicking on the three dots at the top right and choosing ‘Pin to your profile’. You can also unpin a message in the same way. Pinned posts will have a pin in the corner. Regardless of what you posted last, you can choose to draw attention to certain posts. I immediately think of an ongoing giveaway or Jordan Phone Number specific posts in which you, for example as an entrepreneur, show what you do. The feature is available for all profiles.

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How can I make this about me? Just a little while then With Jordan Phone Number the podcast about sports and media) we have been working for a year now and we have made 50 episodes. We started last year with dozens of listeners and very slowly that started to get a bit more. Do we travel all over the world? No….We learned Jordan Phone Number from the listeners what they needed  fewer stories about football itself, but only about media and business. After all, there aren’t many podcasts about that yet. I was just looking at the numbers and May was our best month with 2063 downloads. Jordan Phone Number The list of points for improvement for next season has now been made. One more year to go and then it starts to run.

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Especially if it concerns a private account and you can’t Jordan Phone Number see anything else. Or just for the curious among us (including myself) who wonder what exactly is on that small photo. Tip for the meantime: if you open Instagram on your desktop, Jordan Phone Number your profile photos will already be a lot bigger. 90 second reels Contrary to TikTok, Instagram Reels is continuously expanded with new features and improvements that are often suspiciously similar to existing TikTok functions. Where it started with 15 second videos, on TikTok they quickly became 30, 60 and 90. LastJordan Phone Number  summer I wrote that the length of Reels was increased from 30 to 60 seconds, now you can also make Reels of 90 seconds. TikTok has now increased the length of videos to 3 and (on some accounts) even 10 minutes .

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