The 6 Best Social Media Platforms for Your 2021 Clipping Path

Here are the 3 most important things to keep in mind.#1 Choose the social media platforms your audience is on In order to choose the best social media platforms for your business, you need to understand your customers. Specifically, you need to understand who they are and Clipping Path how they spend their time online. Ask yourself: What social media platforms do they use? Why do they use these social media platforms? How do they prefer to receive information about your type of products and services?

If you don’t already know, we recommend creating a customer avatar first. Customer avatar for social media platforms. A customer avatar is simply an overview Clipping Path of your customers’ demographics, goals, preferences, challenges, and other psychographics.The more you understand your customer, the better you can select the best social media platforms to reach and engage them.#2 Choose social media platforms specific to your type of content There are two types of content: macro content and micro-content.

Content-based Social Media Platforms Clipping Path

Content-Based Social Media Platforms Macro content is long-form, big-picture content. The 3 different macro content types include video, audio, and written content. Therefore, if you have macro content, the best social media platforms to post that content would be You Clipping Path Tube for video content, Apple Podcasts for audio, and WordPress for long-form blog content. Microcontent. On the other hand, is content that is short in form and easy to digest. Think of micro-content like the images you find on your Instagram feeds as you scroll, or short witty tweets on Twitter.Now, thereĀ  Clipping Path are several types of micro-content social media channels. Like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.So, in order to choose the best social media platforms for your business. You need to choose the ones where your audience is. Also, when it comes to Macro vs Microcontent.

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You Should Keep in Mind That Macro Clipping Path

You should keep in mind that Macro content has a much longer shelf life than Micro content. For example, a single blog post we published generated between 300 and 400 views per day at LYFE Marketing.If people kept looking for this all year, that single blog post would generate over 100,000 views in a year.Whereas a single Instagram post would be here toda Clipping Path y and gone and forgotten tomorrow.

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