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To learn more about the different types of questions that come in, the ‘tags’ are used. In this way, the various topics that the questions are about are segmented. Tommy: “I check Belarus Phone Number how many conversations have been handled properly, through which channels the questions come or where a conversation has broken down.” Content tags are also attached to the conversations. Do you receive a lot of questions about a certain topic, such as an order? An order status? Are there English questions coming in? In addition, free fields are used to organize the work process more efficiently. “When someone asks a question about an order, the chatbot asks for the first name, last name and the order number,” says Tommy. “Then we can tackle this right away and find out the problem.”

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I was talking about it recently with our Customer Success Manager; webbooks could certainly be of interest to us as well. In the future, we want to find out whether we can easily Belarus Phone Number connect this to the PostNL system, for example. Because the chatbot has been involved in the customer service team from day one, Cabau Lifestyle has been able to keep the small(er) customer service team. However, this does not detract from the personal touch. “The chatbot offers 24/7 help with easy questions, with a personal touch. You can make a chatbot very personal, and we did that!” says Tommy proudly.

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Chatbot Cabau makes jokes and approaches the customer in a personal way Belarus Phone Number with a specific tone of voice. For example, at the beginning of the conversation she asks the question: “Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?” The bit of personality makes the chatbot special. Belarus Phone Number That is why this was also a requirement when we started building the chatbot. I think we were able to implement this well!”

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