States That Message Match Is Important

And, as is often the case, Wieden+Kennedy also knew exactly how Nike (#21 BrandZ top 100 global) could best respond. I like this content. A subjective value judgment as I don’t have the numbers to back it up. However, there is a considerable chance that this opinion will be widely supported. Good content contributes to your brand. It is no coincidence that these are all three examples of brands that consistently score well on the BrandZ ranking, an indicator of the strength of a brand. They are therefore objectively strong brands. And that pays off. Strong brands perform well above average.Do you pay a hefty sum of money every week for advertisements? Chances are you’re just throwing money down the drain. I researched 200 Dutch advertisements, 91% of which had no message match. Online ads as bad as in 2013 A 2013 study by Oli Gardner showed that 98% of advertisements are wasted money. The conversion specialist and founder of Unbounce focused on 2 ‘make-or-break elements’: message match & attention ratio. 2013 still relevant?

That Message Match Is Important

While researching sources for another article on the importance of message match, I came across Oli’s research. The first thing I thought was, “how relevant is a 2013 study?” and “how important is message match?” KlientBoost, one of the top online advertising agencies worldwide, states that message match is important for these reasons: Higher click-through rate = pay less for the same ad Better conversion = more sales / leads Message match Switzerland Phone Number thus still plays an important role, but the last known study is more than 7 years old. Time for a new investigation and that is exactly what we have done at Jeasy! Message match is like feeding sparrows But first…What is message match? Feeding a sparrow The first time you go to feed a sparrow, you see that the bird slowly comes to the food with an appropriate distance and step-by-step. He is interested, but finds it too scary to just come close. And when the bird hears an unexpected sound, it darts away into the bushes. Your potential customer’s brain reacts exactly the same.


Message Match Is Important

Sounds simple right? All you have to do is give your potential customer exactly what he/she expects in text and image. And above all, don’t make unexpected noises. So why are your ads FULL of unexpected noises?! This is like trying to feed a sparrow, but at the same time drumming on the pan set. Do you think it’s crazy that the sparrow flies away? Also read: 65% cheaper advertising on Facebook & Instagram Research method – 200 ads click & compare Back to the research. Its design was childishly simple. Click on 200 ads and see if there is a message match. We did this as follows: Take a screenshot of the ad Take a screenshot of the landing page you land on (without scrolling) Compare whether the text and design match the ad text Does it match exactly? Then it’s a ‘match’ and otherwise not The perfect, the nice and the bad message match I will now show you some examples.

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