That Content Because You’re Creating

Now, the reason I support it is that there are 18,000 monthly searches for the snowboard size chart.  So they’re missing a lot of traffic opportunities, it’s a global number. So they’re actually taking advantage of a lot of traffic opportunities. Not picking the phrases that have the most search opportunities behind. So number one. They’re starting to be at a disadvantage there, and that’s where they’re in the title Weaknesses on the label. Also, we want to see how Ivo uses title tags in their work, Ivo has a nice structured setup, I like the way they do it, what they’re doing is they use title tags as a way to highlight them Knowing the question people are searching for when they decide to buy a snowboard and then they use the body of the text to answer that question is great because what.

Content Because You’re Creating

Google wants to do is give people the best answer to their question so with this optimized structure, Ivo said, hey, here’s the question, we’re answering it right here in our article, so when someone types that word… 0:18:24.1 Michael Johnson: What size ski should I buy? Google knows they can return this article because there’s an entire Poland Phone Number section that answers that exact question, so I like the format. I like the way they do it, they’re answering…they ask questions they know people are looking for and answer them directly in the piece, it’s a great format and a great way to structure the piece, But again, the point here is that they have a title tag to describe…just in their work, they have title tags that describe what’s in each section, and they’re using their keyword research to Inform this.


Because You’re Creating

On the other hand, when we look at Burton’s article, they only have words like weight and boot size…yes, you’re pretty familiar with skiing, you know…well, they’re in Talking about the weight of my board, maybe we’re talking about my weight…actually, it’s kind of confusing, I thought about it. 0:19:40.9 Michael Johnson: Okay, so there are some key takeaways in terms of page optimization. First, use your keyword research and your understanding of search intent to understand how to optimize your content, use your title and title tax to accurately describe what is present in the article, and then use your title tag to accurately describe that section.

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